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More than glasses get fogged up.

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Have you ever had your glasses fog up when going from one extreme temperature change to another? (Or if you do not wear them, have you seen a friend’s glasses do that?)

Did you know this can happen to small electronics too? Like cell phones, mp3 players, tablets and even digital cameras? Sometimes this only happens to the outside surface like on the glass touchscreen of a phone or mp3 player, or the glass lens of a camera. On rare occasions this can happen inside the device, and everyone knows water and electronics do not go well together.

If you are just running in and out of the extreme temperatures and do not need to use your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S III, help protect if from liquid damage caused by condensation, by keeping it in your pocket or bag until you are done going back and forth. Once you are where you are going to stay for a while and need to use your HTC One or your iPod, take it out and give it a moment to adjust before putting it to use. This gives the glass and electronic parts time to adjust to the surrounding temperature before heating them up again from usage.

If you have to work with your iPad, Droid or camera while you go from one extreme temperature to another try keeping it close to your body so that the ambient temperature near your device will not change quite as drastically. Sometimes the liquid from condensation does not touch anything that will cause problems and other times the smallest drop can settle in just the right location to stop a device from working.

If your device starts having problems, like the trackball on your Blackberry, or the Home/Back button on your iPod Touch,  and you think it is because it has been exposed to the liquid damage of condensation, bring it to your nearest CPR Cell Phone Repair for a clean up. Our location is in Creve Coeur, at 12525 Olive Blvd, about a half mile west of Hwy 270 in the Dierbergs Shopping Center.

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