Walk-in Repairs

CPR® offers the convenience of getting your cell phone repaired while you wait in the store. The average time it takes for most repairs to be made is an hour or less. When a customer comes into one of our store locations, they are given the opportunity to speak with one of our highly skilled repair service technicians. The customer should explain to the technicians every one of the problems they are experiencing with their device. The technician will then troubleshoot the problem and give the customer an estimated cost for the repair that needs to be made. Once the customer agrees to this price and repair, the technician will get to work on restoring the device and making it like new again.

Long ago, before CPR® came around, it was not possible to get your electronic device repaired the same day it broke. Consumers only had the option of waiting several weeks for the repair of their device. This method, known as the “mail in and wait method”, was a major inconvenience for most and many were hesitant to use it. Now that CPR® is around, the world of cell phone repair has changed!

There is no problem too big for the CPR® repair technician team! CPR® not only specializes in cell phone repair, but we also perform video game repairs, and other electronic repairs.

Mail-in Repairs

Do you not live by any one of our store locations, but want desperately to be able to use our trusted cell phone repair services? Believe it or not, that is actually not a problem! CPR® understands what it is like to lead a busy life and we understand that you are not able to travel long distances just to visit our store due to work, family, or any other reasons. CPR® still wants you as a customer, no matter where you live! CPR® offers a convenient service that allows customers to mail in their damaged electronic device for timely repair.

Within 24 hours of receiving your damaged item by mail, one of our service repair technicians will contact you by phone and discuss with you the problems your electronic device is experiencing and the repair technicians will troubleshoot the problem and give you an estimated cost for the repair to be made. Once the repair technicians get the okay from you to proceed with the repair, they will get to work on making your device good as new! It typically only takes 48 hours from the time they receive your damaged item to have it repaired!

CPR® can handle all kinds of damages, even a device with a cracked screen, when a phone wont turn on, or phone water damage. We can handle almost everything that is thrown in our direction!

If you are interested in our convenient mail in repair service, please click here for our mail in request form! CPR® invites YOU no matter where you live to try out our mail in repair service!

Mail your device and the form to:

CPR Cell Phone Repair
12525 Olive Blvd
Creve Coeur, MO 63141


The highly skilled repair technicians at CPR® are not only fully qualified to repair electronic devices of all kinds, but they are also fully able to perform a wide range of modifications as well. Whether a customer is just looking to give their outdated cell phone a fresh new look, or if they are interested in making their cell phone work properly overseas, the team of CPR® repair technicians can handle it all! Just come to CPR® with all of your modification needs and you will be blown away with the amazing modification services we have to offer!

Gadget Repair Specialist

We specialize in repairs to smart phones, iPods, gaming systems, computers, GPS units, and much more.

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CPR® is Green

Cell Phone Repair is committed to recycling used cell phones and other electronics.

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Join the most widely known and respected brand name in the Cell Phone Repair industry.

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